There is an e-bike for everyone.

Whether you are new to cycling or a veteran cyclist, electric bikes offer an expanded riding experience. With an e-bike you can ride further and faster which allows you to cover more distance in less time. They offer the opportunity to explore new places and get where you’re going with less impact on our air quality. On or off-road, they’re perfect for those who want to ride faster, conquer hills, sweat less on their commute, ride with friends, and most importantly, have a ton of fun! Electric bikes can help you do more and go farther than you ever thought possible. And they’re a blast to ride!

What is an electric bike?
Electric bikes (also known as e-bikes and electric assist bikes) amplify your pedaling power thanks to an electric drive system. There are many different kinds of e-bikes, but all of them use an electric motor and battery to help you power your bike. Most have what’s called a controller that lets you choose the amount of power the system provides.

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